The importance of inspiration

Growing up as a young designer I felt lost—I didn’t know how to start a design or how to finish a design. I would stare at a blank page in my Sketch book for hours trying to think of a design that would solve the design problem I was facing. It is so hard trying to create without any inspiration. Inspiration has been the key that has allowed me to tap into the ability to conceive ideas and find solutions for any type of design I am working on. There is nothing wrong with looking at the work of other designers to see how they created a design to solve an issue…this is how you get inspiration. You have to see what others have done. For example, say you’re working on a logo for a cleaning company, it is perfectly OK to search Behance or Google to see what others have created to get inspiration for the logo you are making as long as you don’t plagiarize their work—you are fine. Plagiarizing is a no no…that can get you in trouble.

A few sites I often visit are: Behance, Dribbble, Muzli and Patterntap